IIJ Vol. 5 / No. 2 (2013) - Series B

Title: Text Insertion in Short Message Delivery Report for CDMA Network

Author: Rakhman Imansyah, Andri Qiantori and Wiseto Agung

Abstract: Short Message delivery report (DR) or delivery acknowledgment is a feature of Short Message Service to inform the SMS sender about status of the delivered message that includes destination number, delivery time, and delivery status of a message. Implementation of this feature in CDMA network is depend on operator’s own scenario, even though specification of this feature is stated in IS-637B standard. Some operators use regular SMS format to deliver the information to the sender (with a specific text in it), while the other operators using another mechanism. The use of regular SMS for DR may increase the SMS traffic in the network significantly meanwhile the operator does not get benefit of it since this feature is free of charge. The delivery report usually consists of the parameters as follows: destination number, time stamp and delivery status. There are some spaces can be used to bring the other valuable information to the sender. The objective of this research is to utilize delivery report by inserting additional information and evaluating its impact to deliver time. In order to understand the impact of this mechanism to the delivery time, this study measures the following parameters processing time of insertion text, successful ratio of delivery message, and the correlation between length of message and insertion processing time.

Keywords: Text, insertion, delivery report, SMS, CDMA.

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