Test Case Generation using GOM Algorithm

Authors: Selvakumar Subramanian and Ramaraj Natarajan

Affiliation: Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India, and G.K.M College of Engineering & Technology, Chennai, India.

Abstract: Software testing involves appropriate validation and verification of a software component developed during the software lifecycle. Usually testing costs often account to high budget in the software development process. In order to minimize the testing costs, researchers and practitioners automate the testing process rather than carry out manual testing. Test Case Generation is the process of automatically generating a collection of test cases which are applied to a system under test. This paper utilizes branch coverage criteria using the Generalized Optimization Meta heuristic (GOM) algorithm and code constraint graph (CCG) to efficiently maximize the coverage of all the branches. The experimental results show that the proposed test generation technique is effective in generating tests for an application at large.

Keywords: Test case generation, branch coverage, evolutionary algorithm, Code Constraint Graph.

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